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"rec’d the guitar Tuesday and everything was in great shape (intonation action etc..)! I really appreciate the fast turn around. This guitar (JT-146 Jumbo Jazz box) is truly something special. The finish is awesome and it sounds just as good as the more expensive Gibsons I am very happy! This is my second Jay Turser (my first was the Craviola six string) and I love them both. I am very proud to have them in my arsenal and I have nothing but praise for Musicland Central and Jay Turser guitars. I am telling everybody to check ya’ll out. Thanks again C Jones", "I JUST RECEIVED THE JAY TURSER SG CUSTOM TODAY! THE FINISH AND GOLD HARDWARE FAR SURPASES ANY EPIPHONE AND I MUST SAY THIS GUITAR IS IN PAR ALONG WITH GIBSON GUITARS COSTING THOUSANDS MORE. THE PEARL AND ABALONE INLAY IS STRIKING! I CANT BELIEVE THAT THE HARDWARE IS REALLY HEAVY DUTY. I MEAN THIS HARDWARE IS THICKER METAL THAN ORIGINAL GIBSON HARDWARE. THE GUITAR ARRIVED IN TUNE!!!! NO FLAWS IN THE PAINT OR SETUP WHAT SO EVER!! MUSICLAND CENTRAL HAS JUST MADE A CUSTOMER OUT OF ME. ROBERT", "Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. The Colonel you sent me was great! It showed up in perfect intonation! In fact I took it to the studio the day I got it and then I played a gig with Greg Westfall with it. It is probably my favorite guitar. Plus its a crowd pleaser. I get so many comments on it. People always want to know what kind of guitar it is. I always tell em about musiclandcentral and shoot them your way. Andy P", "I felt the need to write you. I bought one of the Jay Turser strats and I will say without a doubt that the tones and sustain on this thing are better than my 2000 MIM standard strat. I'm even trying to decide if this thing is my new #1 over my modified and cusomized '80 MIJ strat it sounds that good! I love strats but this thing will be a regular performer for me. Mike", "I am 52 years old and have played a lot of guitars from gibson to fender and I can't believe the value that you get for the money with Jay Turser. I've paid alot more for guitars and got a lot less. People that look down at Jay Turser just hasn't owened one yet. And you guys are the best a real pleasure to do business with. thank you - Jim", "I just wanted to let you know that I received the guitar and have left you positive feedback. I would also like to say thank you and....... WOW! ..... This is one of the best playing - feeling guitars I have felt in a long time!! IT IS A BEAUTIFUL GUITAR ALL AROUND.. and for the price... I felt like I have robbed you! This guitar SMOKES any PRS. Once again...Thanks. P.S. I will probably sell one or two of my other guitars and order another one from you! Sincerely David W", "MusicLandCentral provides the best service I ever received from an online company. They emailed me imediately after I hit the buy link. This was on a Saturday afternoon when most business people go home to be with family. Yet they continued to provide the personal touch to my little order as if it were the most vital facet of his business. MLC is the place to buy if you want to become a pampered shopper.", "I gotta tell you folks I am impressed. Having never purchased a guitar by mail before I was concerned. No telling what you are going to get. I just got my guitar today. 4 days from order to reciept. wow. I didn't expect to get it until well into next week. It was well packed and every screw nut and bolt tight Action set low just the way I like it. And the darn thing was in tune! I was concerned because the weather was so cold up here in Minnesota that I would have to make adjustments. I played the hell out of it tonight and I can't believe you can sell a guitar of this quality for this price you have a winner here. Jerry P Alexandria MN", "Wow! What a cool guitar! I find it hard to believe that such a reasonably-priced guitar can play and sound so good! Understand... I am comparing this with my Gibson... my Guild... my Heritage... my Fenders... and several other high-end guitars. If the other Jay Turser instruments are of this quality...you gotta winner here! If you run into any skeptics who say No way! feel to point them my way! I am playing it in church tomorrow. Best Wishes for the New Year John B. Hall", "I am so happy with everything about this deal. I have a lot of guitars and very expensive ones I might add. The warm tone and even sound of this puts my 1978 Gibson 335 to shame. You have been great to deal with and I would do business again with you anytime. PS. Thank you for the cord (a very nice touch ). Thanks. Michael S", "It plays great! Very easy to finger bar chord and pick. Nice low action. Nice full sound. Great looking..... different than the average guitar. Tunes up nicely and stays in tune even after a work out. Great feel on the lap and hangs nice with a strap. Excellent quality for the price. Nice grain and gloss is perfect. No complaints on this one and I own 21 high end guitars! Thanks Terry", "I don't normally write beyond that but I have to tell you that the product you've sold me is absolutely positively the finest I have bought in years. The guitar is a dream to play and I cannot believe the hardware. Keep up the great product line guys. You've made an old rocker very very happy. Jerry"

MusicLandCentral.com Thanks you for shopping at our store. We look forward to having you as one of delighted customers.
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Pick Stick Solid Wood Pick Holder Holds up to 30 Picks
Pick Stick Solid Wood Pick Holder Holds up to 30 Picks
Regular price: $29.99
Sale price: $19.95

New Metal The Doors Jim Morrison Belt Buckle
New Metal The Doors Jim Morrison Belt Buckle

Profile PT2800 Clip On Guitar & Bass Tuner w LCD Screen
Profile PT2800 Clip On Guitar & Bass Tuner w LCD Screen
Regular price: $27.99
Sale price: $7.99