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Home > Guitar Accessories, Effects, Amps, Cases > Marshall Amps > Marshall Amps JVM205H 50-watt, 2 channel, all-valve (5 x ECC83s, 2 x EL34s) head

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Marshall Amps JVM205H 50-watt, 2 channel, all-valve (5 x ECC83s, 2 x EL34s) head
Marshall Amps JVM205H 50-watt, 2 channel, all-valve (5 x ECC83s, 2 x EL34s) head

Marshall Amps JVM205H 50-watt, 2 channel, all-valve (5 x ECC83s, 2 x EL34s) head

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The Marshall JVM205H Guitar Amplifier Head delivers a comprehensive range of tones built upon Marshall's peerless EL34 design.
This built-in England amplifier provides multiple all-valve voicings that are accessible from the front-panel switches, MIDI or via the revolutionary technology of the supplied footswitch. The JVM205H also features a studio quality digital reverb, two effects loops, silent recording capability, and two master volumes giving you a vast array of footswitchable tones.

Marshall JVM205H Features
  • All-valve design with hand selected valves for premium performance 5xECC83 and 2xEL34
  • Two totally independent, footswitchable channels - Clean/Crunch and OD
  • Six footswitchable modes - three per channel
  • Two footswitchable Master Volumes
  • Studio quality, footswitchable Digital Reverb
  • Reverb controls for each channel
  • Two FX Loops, one footswitchable
  • Critically-acclaimed Speaker Emulated DI (XLR)
  • Silent Recording capability
  • Revolutionary 4-way footswitch with memory
  • Seamless switching
  • Five footswitch LEDs allow instant visualisation
  • Built-in switch memory for each of the six modes
  • MIDI programmable control for all switches
  • Built in England
Outstanding Tone
The JVM Series uses a carefully designed, 4 x ECC83 pre-amp stage to generate the desired amount of gain, from the cleanest, yet complex, clean imaginable to a vast palette of overdrives that range from sophisticated and subtle to explosive and extreme. Boasting a truly amazing array of instantly switchable sounds, overflowing with harmonically rich tones and responsive fluidity, every JVM mode exudes that unmistakable Marshall sound and expands on it, effectively offering multiple Marshalls in one easy-to-use package.

Ultimate Flexibility
Each totally independent JVM channel offers three footswitchable modes which progressively add gain while offering a complimentary tonal topology, making the JVM the perfect amplifier for any situation. The JVMís layout is simple and uncompromising with dedicated Gain, 3-band EQ, Volume and Reverb for each channel. The Master section, featuring Dual Master Volumes, Resonance and Presence, finishes the concise layout, making each JVM a familiar old friend thatís intuitive to use. Even with its programmability, multiple channels and modes plus switchable Reverb, FX Loop and Master Volume, each JVM is incredibly easy to navigate and understand.

Seamless, Silent Switching
The onboard logic ensures swift silent-switching and remembers the position of each front panel switch in every mode: Reverb (on/off), FX Loop (on/off) and Master Volume (1 or 2). When returning to any mode, switch settings will be exactly as you left them, even after youíve powered the amp down. This groundbreaking technology combined with revolutionary footswitch technology, plus MIDI switching capabilities, add even further to the JVMís already incredible flexibility.

Ultimate Control and Connectivity
Every JVM is supplied with a fully programmable footswitch. This revolutionary, patent-pending technology allows single front panel switching (SWITCH STORE) or entire set-ups (PRESET STORE Ė Channel/Mode, Reverb, FX Loop, Master Volume) to be simply assigned to any footswitch, or a mix Ďní match of both modes. Housed in a rugged metal casing with blank panels on its surface which allow the user to label the pedal exactly as they want, the JVM pedal has no restrictive factory set-ups or functionality barriers, plus itís a breeze to program. Itís multi-coloured LEDs reflect every front panel switch status so you know exactly where you are, in the heat of a performance, without the need to glance at the amplifier itself. The JVMís MIDI In and Thru connection means it can easily be integrated in a MIDI switching set-up, allowing you to store and recall 128 amplifier set-ups and enabling your MIDI effects board to easily control the amp. With its built-in memory and switching options the possibilities are endless!

Studio Quality Reverb
The onboard, studio quality Digital Reverb is routed in parallel (ensuring no digital degradation of the direct signal) and mixed with the direct signal by means of a valve. Specifically developed for the JVM, the Reverb retains signal clarity in its tail and low noise, analogue switching allows it to decay naturally when switching the effect off or changing channels. In addition, when the Reverb is switched off, it is totally removed from the circuit.

Effective Control

Each JVM boasts two FX Loops that live on its rear panel. A footswitchable Parallel/Series Loop with Level and Mix controls plus a Series Loop with a Bypass switch. Combine the JVM with a MIDI FX processor and a MIDI footswitch and the skyís the limit!

Silence is Golden
When on Standby, the JVMís emulated XLR output is fully operational, allowing you to record in total silence, a godsend for those late night recording sessions.

The Tone of the Cone
Speakers arenít just there to move air, theyíre an integral part of an amplifierís tonal voice. To that end, all JVM heads have been designed to be sonically complimented by every single one of Marshallís vast array of 4x12 and 2x12 cabinet offerings.

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Marshall Amps JVM205H 50-watt, 2 channel, all-valve (5 x ECC83s, 2 x EL34s) head